Friday, October 17, 2008

More pictures soon!!

Sorry i have been on vacation but there are more photos and fun jewelry treats to come soon!

In the mean time do comment on the previous post we would LOVE to hear your feed back!

As always thank YOU and have a great FRIDAY! :o)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What a lovely day for Strawberries!

The set Topaz (me) is wearing is a lovely summer strawberry set. Just as fall is rapidly approaching it's nice to look back on summer days and remember the warm sun and the family picnics. Sara is wearing a simple teal set that goes great with her black & white dress!

Although we are listing more fall items on the etsy most anything you see on this site is for sale. Just ask! Also feel free to request colors we may have in stock and can send you pictures to see if you like! We try our very best to help YOU treat yourself to something delectable!! :o)

Don't forget to check out the etsy shop often because new items will be showing up in the next few weeks!

As always thank you so much for checking us out!

~Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The introduction!

Why hello.

Welcome. Has it been a long journey? I do hope it was a nice one. Sit back I'm going to tell you a little about Jewelry Treats.

My name is Topaz and I am the youngest daughter of two. My mom Gladys is the creator of Jewelry Treats. My sister and I have taken it upon ourselves to try and help my mothers creations see the outside world. After all we owe her a lot.

Let's talk about Gladys. She is a single mom of two lovely daughters (maybe a little bias is going into writing this....). She has been a Nurse for 30 years +/-. She worked for many years supporting our little family and taking care of us all single handed (OK she has two hands but whatever!). She is a very creative fun loving person but she is a bit shy. Hence the reason I am doing this for her.

Lets talk about Jewelry Treats! Jewelry Treats all started because Gladys was 1. Full of great ideas for neat Jewelry, 2. Suddenly found herself with lots of free time due to a certain employment less summer, & 3. So she could match her Jewelry to any outfit she had! Well those are just a few of the reasons Jewelry Treats started. A bigger reason is because my mom has a passion for making jewelry that she just can't ignore. She gets sick of seeing the same designs and color combinations in stores and on television. And she really enjoys making items that look so pretty.

This blog will be pictures of Jewelry Treats in action! I will include the link to her etsy shop with every post. Feel free to visit! Please leave comments as much as you would like and do enjoy the wonderful world of Jewelry Treats!

~ We thank you kindly for your interest!

These photos are of Topaz's Birthday Jewelry Treats!! (this is the link to her etsy!)